1. Martin the Mess says:

    She already did, weakening the legs of his wicker chair, which is CLEARLY about to collapse under the weight of his lanky frame. You can see the glint in her eye as she awaits his humiliation.

  2. Clay Potts says:

    “If you don’t like the hat, just say so…”

  3. Matt Jamison says:

    “… but how do you explain the bloodstains upon your skirts?”

  4. Dear Dr. Boli,

    There are several unpleasant names that have slowly been polluting our conversations which really irritate me. Some examples are, coworker (instead of colleague), staycation (also known as free-time), advertainment (which seems to indicate that people like advertisements instead of avoiding them). There are many others. I’m hoping you will make them stop.

    Thank you!

    Disgusted in Duquesne

  5. Martin the Mess says:

    Dear Disgusted:

    Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has begun a campaign to lay at least one of those words to rest. By shifting the hyphen one place over, Co-Worker becomes Cow-Orker. Once you have heard of this mental trick, you can never see the word coworker the same again, even if left unhyphenated. If more people can be trained to parse the word this way, it will slowly drop from usage, except in the few cases where Coworker is being used to describe a colleague for one one has zero collegial feelings.

    Randall Munroe, of XKCD fame, has begun a similar campaign for the term “sweet-ass”, as in, “That’s a sweet-ass car”. Again move the hyphen over, one word rather than one letter this time, and it becomes “That’s a sweet ass-car”. Again, a colloquialism becomes difficult to use with its former frequency.

    Martin “The Mess”

  6. Captain DaFt says:

    I must admit I’m excited to learn more about this ‘advertainment’!
    A method or device for sealing ads in some sort of containment where they’ll cease to plague me is very appealing to me!
    At present, I must indulge in all sorts of ad blockers that need constant updating, supplemented with a well crafted HOSTS file while online to peruse my favorite sites expiditely.
    Not to mention the time consuming ripping of newly bought DVDs to remove the incessant advertising drivel that they come slathered with before I can enjoy them.
    Plus, I’ve long been forced to eschew periodicals (The good Dr. Boli’s being excepted), newspapers and Television altogether in order to avoid the incessnt cacaphony of drivel that seeks to introduce me to tasteless pap (Both food and fashion wise) that mindless, but loud sorts seem to imagine that I’d have the vaguest interest in.
    So yes! Tell me more about this ‘Advertainment’ system which sounds like it could be savior of civilization and peace of mind!

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