Perry Monument, Presque Isle.

Two hundred years ago, on September 10, 1813, Commodore Perry won the Battle of Lake Erie, assuring the United States of the perpetual possession of Detroit. In honor of this glorious victory, everything in Pennsylvania in a straight line from Erie southward was named after Perry, including Perry Square, the Perry Highway, Perrysville, and the exceptionally delightful Perryopolis.

The photograph comes from a site called (after a famous book printed by William Caxton) The Mirrour of the World, which exists only to display pretty pictures that do not fit on Father Pitt‘s site or Flora Pittsburghensis.


  1. Ma says:

    But do we want Detroit?

  2. Patricia says:

    As a Canadian, and seeing what you have done to Detroit, in hindsight we are glad we lost that battle. Instead, we won the war! ;)

  3. Colonel Swenson says:

    I am told by my correspondents in Windsor, Ontario, that a tunnel under the Detroit River is being dug for the purpose of reaching Canada without going over the existing bridges. As soon as it is completed, the remaining population of Detroit is expected to seek asylum in Windsor.

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