Update: The book is on its way to the lucky winner, but here is another opportunity to win a book.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I might like to play the lottery merely for the thrill of it, but even if I had a chance of winning, I can’t think of where I’d put 344 million dollars,” then the Catholic Book Blogger has a giveaway that may suit you better. The prize is only one copy of Dr. Boli’s Gift Horse, which is much easier to deal with than piles of redundant cash. The contest is sponsored by some young writer who seems to think that this is an appropriate way of putting his face before the public eye. Why he did not choose to give away one of his own books is a mystery whose depths Dr. Boli cannot fathom.

Dr. Boli would like to commend the Catholic Book Blogger for his catholic taste in books. Certainly Dr. Boli’s Gift Horse is the most catholic of all books, if we understand “catholic” in the root sense of “utterly indiscriminate.” He has reviewed the work in question here.


  1. Zombie Psychologist says:

    As a member of a very small and much-maligned minority (that of the idle billionaires), having to deal with great piles of redundant cash has been the bane of my existence.

    With the amount of discrimination we the filthy-rich encounter on a daily basis, both in the press and in casual conversation, it warms what little is left of my heart that someone is finally speaking positively of my kind, if only indirectly – we cannot thank you enough, Dr. Boli! Our gratitude knows no bounds (other than, you know, sending actual money your way – keep your filthy greedy paws off our cash).

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