1. They often say that beer, lemonade, apple juice, white wine, and certain inferior grades of weak tea have pretty much the same appearance going into your body as they do going out again. In solid foods, baked beans, Taco Bell “Beef” Taco filling, and chocolate mousse all have a similar similarity between their “before” and “after” states. To this latter category, we should apparently add this latest offering from Brenneman’s. No doubt this is one of the key reason they qualify as “diet food”, as if they don’t change appearance much during their trip through the alimentary apparatus, they are unlikely to be losing much of their constituent mass in the process, therefore they are unlikely to be contributing much mass to the gaining of weight by their consumers.

  2. Caren says:

    I happen to love both tofu and grits, so I don’t think this diet would work for me.

  3. Captain DaFt says:

    I’ll stick to the Nouveau Cuisine diet.
    Tiny, exorbitantly priced portions guarantee weight loss unless one is exceptionally wealthy, and greedy!

  4. Clay Potts says:

    Did Mrs. Potts submit this recipe?

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