Dr. Boli was a little bit surprised by the spectacle of two frequent correspondents engaged in what came as close to a “flame war” as it is possible to imagine among such a sophisticated audience. His natural instinct in such circumstances is to duck. Nevertheless, to prevent one commenter from being unnecessarily offended by another, it might be wise to formulate a comment policy, so that the readers of this august publication may have an idea of what to expect. Such a formulation is by no means easy, because it involves knowing one’s audience, and Dr. Boli has never bothered to aim for a particular audience. Nevertheless, after due consideration, Dr. Boli has decided that the intended audience for his Magazine is responsible adults, and that therefore comments more suitable for sniggering adolescents or giggling schoolchildren may be edited or removed. Dr. Boli himself is offended by very little, but he has his more delicate readers to consider, and does not wish to be held responsible for any dangerous attacks of the vapors.


  1. Wait, was that about Mr. Potts and myself in the immediately preceding article? I apologize if I got a bit ruder than normal in my initial comment, but that particular picture strongly reminded me of a photo of Stalin, Churchill, and FDR at Yalta, all with their legs crossed or hats in their lap, jokingly captioned “A sample of three random techniques for hiding an erection.”

    My later reply to Mr. Potts was in no way intended to constitute or instigate anything you might call a Flame War. I was just amused by his comment about thinking twice before hitting “post comment” in a thread where that was his third comment, and kind of thought that was the joke. And a funny enough one to deserve a nod-and-a-wink acknowledgement. I apologize for any misunderstanding that resulted.

    • I am not long a regular here, but I found the expression “raging election” to be beneath your usually high quality of humor and a low blow to Mr. Disraeli.

      I therefore suggest . . . Eh? What? Not “election”? Raging what? Oh. Never mind.

      Jeffery Hodges

      * * *

    • Dr. Boli says:

      We love it when a misunderstanding dissolves in a fit of polite apologies all around. It tempts us to restore our faith in the human species.

  2. Clay Potts says:

    Oh,My, I fear in trying to say what I mean creatively without saying what I mean, I was mean in what I said. And, I too, apologize for having said what I meant meanly – know what I mean? I hope we can all go back to being irresponsible adults again! :-)

  3. Dr. Boli says:

    If nothing else, the incident has given Dr. Boli a chance to use the “After Due Consideration” ornament he bought from the American Type Founders Co. back in 1906 and has been itching to use ever since. After due consideration, he suspects that the long delay may be indicative of how seldom he gives any matter at all due consideration.

    • RepubAnon says:

      Perchance it instead means that giving a matter “all due consideration” can require investing far more time than the impatient youth of our modern age typically spend before dispatching a missive?


  4. Captain DaFt says:

    Oh Dear!

    “Dr. Boli has decided that the intended audience for his Magazine is responsible adults”

    Well, hopefully, I squeak by since I do possess a maturity in years, plus anytime there’s a minor catastrophe in the Daft household, I’m usually appointed as ‘The one responsible’.

  5. Sigivald says:

    How about niggling pedants?

    That cool?

  6. Chris says:

    There are no “random” ways to hide an erection. Take it from one who has had to hide random erections for decades. No, hiding erections takes considerable knowledge of biology, engineering, fabric, fashion, lighting and shadows, optics and psychology, to name but a few of the sciences involved. (If we can stretch the definition of “science” to include “fashion”, that is.) How can this knowledge and experience, properly cataloged and applied, be deemed “random”?

    I’m sorry if I have strayed from the topic of the thread back to the discussion that apparently started the thread in the first place, but I feel very strongly about the topic (the other topic, that is), and about erections in general. Well, some erections, anyway, namely my own.

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