At this point, Dr. Boli feels compelled to remind his readers that his doctorate in law is an honorary one. A practicing lawyer might understand this matter better.


  1. Clay Potts says:

    The legal argument can be made that this document only specifically pertains to Package”(S)”. I would request clarification from DHL what their delivery/signature policy is in regards to Packages lettered “(A)” thru “(Z)”, other than “(S)”.

  2. Maypo says:

    By commenting on this I have left things unsaid.

  3. Dies Irae says:

    It is readily understood when inserting time parameters:

    By signing (now), I authorize DHL to leave (in the future) my package(s) with a signature (also in the future).

    The more frightening thought (not to be confused with a freightening thought, which is DHL’s department) is that it gives no indication of when in the future such delivery might take place. Are they asking for you signature now so that when they eventually get around to delivering the package, they are covered in the event you died of old age or moved or the house is covered by rising sea levels?

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