Dr. Boli offers these illustrations from a 1905 catalog of electro-medical instruments without much comment, except to say that he believes he remembers His Majesty the Emperor Ming the Merciless employing a similar device.

If you were thinking of filming a new version of Bride of Frankenstein, or perhaps a steampunk version of Doctor Faustus, this catalog is a treasury of set-design ideas. We apologize in advance to New Zealanders and others who may not be able to see all these pictures, but we have made a serious attempt to pick out the very best ones and make them available worldwide.



Are you afflicted with lupus or similar diseases? “The experiments made by Professor Finsen have shown that lupus and similar diseases can be cured by a very powerful light, provided that the tissues to be treated have been rendered anaemic, so that the light can penetrate far enough without being absorbed by the blood.” Thus we have this Apparatus for the Treatment of Lupus, etc., by Prof. Finsen’s Method, which we assure you is not horrifying in the least: