Dr. Boli’s secretary has just brought him the interesting news that the house recently received a call from the fictional dimension inhabited by television characters. The man did not answer the call, because he has heard far too many stories about the disastrous consequences of connecting two dimensions. Demons might pour out of the receiver, which would be inconvenient and require a great deal of cleaning up. Here is yet another reason why Dr. Boli prefers to communicate by means of handwritten letters, or (in cases of urgency) through his private telegraph lines connected to the offices of various heads of state.


  1. RepubAnon says:

    What is truth and what is fiction seems to be based more on which media outlet one listens to than objective reality. Perhaps the streams have already crossed on some short-circuited television – which may explain some of the pundits stating opinions based on personal preference rather than physical reality.

  2. As one of your admirers from outside the Keystone State, I find it amusing that you have stumbled upon proof that Pennsylvania is, in fact, an alternate dimension of reality populated by fictional characters and television archetypes. Popular opinion has long held this rumored “TV-Land” to be California, but here we have evidence of the true location of TV-Land.

    Pennsylvania being a land of fiction and distorted reality may explain the famous address of the Executive Mansion. For if there ever was a land where reality was warped and fiction was truth, it is the White House.

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