Prof. von Drizzel’s inexplicable wheelless snow vehicle.

The average human can hold his breath under water for no more than four minutes, yet many species of fish can stay under water for years at a time without drowning.

The process by which heat turns dough into bread is regarded by most competent chemists as a variety of magic.

Considerable progress has been made in reducing magnetic phenomena to scientific laws, yet no one knows where magnetism comes from.

A rolling stone in Somerset, Penna., briefly gathered moss before rolling into a storm sewer.

Prof. Ernst von Drizzel of Leipzig has created a vehicle that moves on snow or ice entirely without the use of wheels, but cannot explain the principle behind it.

Experiments at the top of the U. S. Steel Tower have shown that, contrary to all scientific expectation, a cape and tights are not sufficient to impart the power of flight.

With all their musical talent, song sparrows have never been known to perform medleys of Broadway standards.