Sir: It is plain to the veriest dunce that our current energy reserves will not last forever. We have only so much coal and so much oil under the ground, because there are only so many carbonized ancient forests waiting to be dug up.

Faced with the certain dwindling of our fossil-fuel supplies, some industries have turned to alternative sources of power. But this is only putting off the inevitable. What happens when we have sucked all the sunlight into our solar cells? Worse, what happens when we suffocate ourselves by sucking up all the air in our giant wind turbines? Then what? We are back to our fossil fuels.

We must find a truly sustainable source of energy, and there is clearly only one choice. We must make more fossil fuels. In this matter our government has been inexcusably inactive. It is therefore incumbent upon us, the private citizens, to take matters into our own hands. I therefore address the citizens of the United States, and indeed the world, directly: Bury a tree in your back yard today! If you do not have a back yard, bury a tree in someone else’s. Explain, if challenged, that you have the well-being of all our great-grandchildren in mind. —Sincerely, Gustavus H. Steinkohle, M.D., Swisshelm Park.