Robber-Baron Edition.


Carnegie, Andrew. Andrew Carnegie, who donated more than 2,500 libraries throughout the world, had eight books in his country house in the Berkshires when he died, all of which were ten-cent Westerns.

Frick, Henry Clay. Henry Clay Frick did not meet Mr. Carnegie in hell, because they were billeted in different circles.

Mellon, Andrew W. When the Great Depression strained the government’s resources, Andrew W. Mellon offered to buy the United States for $250, but President Hoover declined the offer.

Morgan, J. P. J. P. Morgan conceived the United States Steel Company as a sort of album in which to paste his extensive collection of steel businesses.

Rockefeller, John D. Most of the “dimes” John D. Rockefeller gave to poor urchins on the street were slugs.

Scaife, Richard Mellon. Richard Mellon Scaife’s closest intimates usually referred to him as “Charles Foster Kane.”