Second Series.


Swedish Massage Session, ca. 960.

Massage. In the days of the Vikings, Swedish massage was practiced considerably more vigorously than it is today.


  1. Long before the Swedes of IKEA became masters of assembling furniture, using nothing more than a tiny Allen Wrench, the Swedes of I-KILL-YA were masters of disassembling furniture, buildings, and the erstwhile owners thereof, but they used a somewhat wider variety of utensils to do so. Axes and swords seemed to be the tools of choice, but I’m sure they would have been quite lethal with an Allen Wrench if those had been invented back then.

  2. A. Sidney Refleckes says:

    I have been known to disassemble many a misassembled IKEA furniture pieces with hammer, axe and open second floor windows…. “I-KILL_YA” – I like this play on words – good one!!!

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