Look for these thrilling new additions to the Dumont schedule beginning this fall:

Sluggo. One of the new wave of comic-book adaptations this season, Sluggo is a dark retelling of the adventures of Ernie Bushmiller’s tortured and angst-ridden boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

Hippo Repo. The continuing real-life adventures of a crack team dispatched to repossess hippopotamussesses from zoological parks that fall behind in their payments.

The Laughing Dead. Hysterical new sitcom about the zombie family down the street trying to fit into suburban society while eating their neighbors.

NCIS: Indianapolis. Thrills and mystery abound as a team of colorful characters solves crimes in America’s largest landlocked naval yard.

The Alan Sundry Variety Hour. Host Alan Sundry attempts to bring back prime-time variety with an all-dancing-poodles-and-spinning-plates format.