Geschirrspülmaschinevorbereitunghund. Bred with an unusually broad tongue for clearing the dinner plates of all debris in preparation for the automatic dishwasher.

Hemphound. Traditionally used by ropemakers to pick out the best grades of hemp for their work. This breed is banned in the United States.

King Charles Bulldog. Bred with snout and neck so short that it appears to be headless.

Martillo de los Herejes. Used by the Inquisition to sniff out incorrect doctrine in theological writings.

Tibetan Prayer Terrier. A small, woolly dog that barks incessantly, each bark being considered a prayer in the monasteries of Tibet.

Worcester Saucier. Bred to fetch seasonings for the bishop’s table in the ancient cathedral city of Worcester. The breed nearly died out when the Puritans outlawed condiments under the Commonwealth, but was revived by enthusiasts in the nineteenth century.


  1. Is the Martillo de los Herejes breed also known as the “Hounds of the Lord”, or the Domini Canes in the Latin?

  2. Joseph Moore says:

    Slipperhund: Bred to wrap their bodies around the feet of their masters, but more often merely rubbed against their shins and tripped them up. Were later discovered to be cats.

    Der Allzermalmendehund, or Kant Terrier: a small yet dangerous breed; faces extinction due to its extraordinarily boring nature.

    Le Chien Martel: originally bred for home defense, but only worked when the homeowner grabbed it by the hind legs and pummeled intruders with it. It proved more efficient to simply surrender.

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