On this day in 1752, the British Empire lost eleven days. A worldwide search proved fruitless; and, although a reward of eight shillings was offered for the return of the days, “no questions to be posed to the person or persons returning said eleven days to the proper authority,” the days have never been found. A rumor that they were stored in the National Archives is consistently denied by the Archivist, although he is getting on in years these days.


  1. Maypo says:

    So if Scotland votes to secede do they automatically get their 11 days back? And are those restored 11 days work days or weekend days? Important questions to resolve before “The Vote”.

  2. Captain DaFt says:

    Legends tell that U2 was to have their first concert lasting three days in that period.

    Those days were stricken from the calendar, plus four days before and after, just to be sure.

    Unfortunately, that only delayed their first concert for just over three hundred years, but every little bit helps.

  3. Rumor has it that the missing days went to a Day Spa and fell asleep in the Sauna room.

  4. Thom Ryng says:

    Surely, you have heard of the Eleven Day Empire?

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