1. Special guest speaker, Dr. Gaius Baltar?

  2. Al Wayslukin says:

    Next Months Two-part Seminar: Part I: “Exodus and Extraction” – learn how to tell if that burning bush on your neighbor’s property was ignited by Yahweh or as a result of deep-rock natural gas deposits escaping to the surface!

    Part II: “Deuteronomy and Deeds: OK, Now You’ve Found the Promise Land, What Next?” – learn how to conduct deed searches and how to determine who owns the properties gas and mineral rights.

    • And the month after that:

      Part One) Leviticus and Liens: How to purchase the mortgage on a property without the owner’s knowledge or consent, foreclose, and acquire said mineral rights!

      Part Two) Numbers and Not Paying Taxes: How to cook the books so it never seems to the IRS that your oil and gas operation is making any taxable profits.

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