Tales of Mystery and Curiosity

Who murdered the butler with the Archbishop’s cane?

Where is the missing case containing $35,462,817.98 in cash?

How will the Speaking Sticks speak again after years of silence?

What brilliantly conceived unbreakable cipher encodes Sir Margaret St.-John Cassowary’s memoirs?

What strange conspiracy has replaced a man’s wife with an exact double?

Since the beginning of his celebrated Magazine, Dr. Boli has delighted his readers with mysterious tales that lead them in unexpected directions. He believes that “unexpected” is a safe word to use in this context. Now here are half a dozen of the best in one volume, including the complete novella The Case of the Missing Case, which features Dr. Boli himself (though fictionalized in the interest of plausibility) as one of the primary characters.

If you have a mystery-lover on your Christmas list, Dr. Boli’s Tales of Mystery and Curiosity is the gift you have been looking for. If someone on your list hates and despises mystery stories, the book will make a suitably amusing gag gift. If someone on your list is illiterate, here is a book with several illustrations in it.


  1. Sigivald says:

    No Kindle edition?

    • Dr. Boli says:

      That will come soon.

      UPDATE: The Kindle edition is now on line. It will take some time for Amazon to link the two versions.

      Which one do you want? The Kindle edition is much cheaper, but lacks the illustrations. The paperback edition is easier to wrap; the electrons of the Kindle edition keep slipping through the paper.

      The book should soon be available for other ebook readers as well.

      UPDATE AGAIN: The Kindle edition is now linked to the paperback edition.

      A special deal for loyal readers, and disloyal ones as well: If you buy the paperback, you can have the Kindle edition free. Details are on the Amazon page.

  2. Maypo says:

    I ordered my copy and I must say I was disappointed that said purchase was not enough to move the book up from 705,662 to 705,661. Very disappointing. Perhaps I need to buy another copy as a Christmas gift…

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