Dear Dr. Boli: I have an unusual glandular condition that gives me somewhat more than ordinary strength, so that I can lift a diesel locomotive off the tracks and toss it about fifty yards. It also gives me the ability to fly, at supersonic speeds if I put some effort into it, though I can also hover like a hummingbird if it suits the task at hand. If I look at something very intently with the right sort of concentrated expression, I can see straight through it. Another peculiar effect of my condition is a skin allergy that makes me uncomfortably itchy if I wear any clothes other than bright red polyester tights; the only outer garment I can stand is a sort of loose cape made of silk. Given my unusual condition, what sort of career do you think would suit me? —Sincerely, Michael “Red Streak” Fröhlich, South Side Slopes.

Dear Sir: It seems to Dr. Boli that you are ideally suited for a career as a librarian. Your strength will be very handy in lifting boxes of books donated for the annual Friends of the Library sale; the power of flight will make it easy to reach high shelves otherwise accessible only by a ladder; your penetrating vision will be useful in the closed stacks, especially in a large academic library; and your bright red outfit will make it easy for patrons to locate the librarian whenever they need assistance. If it will not irritate your sensitive skin, you might wish to add a large letter L in a circle or shield to the front of your tights, just to make your function in the library absolutely clear at a glance.