Ivan Veeroff, tonight’s Brenneman Food Service and Industrial Solvents Corp. guest speaker, was appointed Deputy Inspector of Quadrille in the Bureau of Notebooks and Tablets in 2009, the first Carpatho-Rusyn-American to hold that position since 1981. Since then, he has been instrumental in implementing the administration’s “Blue Grid” program goal of placing a fresh quadrille pad in the hands of every fifth-grader in America by 2017. Prior to joining the Bureau, Mr. Veeroff worked in a call center in Detroit as a paid professional fundraiser, in which role he was instrumental in securing funds for injured firefighters. Mr. Veeroff is married to his wife of twenty-three years, the former Betty Ann Parch, and lives with his mistress in Georgetown. The subject of his talk tonight will be “Only God Can Make a Tree.”