Dr. Boli’s Anthology of American Humor is exactly what the title would lead you to believe: more than 300 pages of the best humorous writing by the best American writers from pre-Colonial times to 1922.

Many of these pieces are not available in print anywhere else. A few of them have probably never been anthologized before.

The selections themselves are in the public domain, of course, but Dr. Boli has added interesting and entertaining introductions to each writer. The book has been literally years in preparation—not because it could not have been done in a week, but because Dr. Boli’s method was to add a piece here and there as he ran across things that amused him.

Nevertheless, you may have this valuable work absolutely free in PDF form. You’ll be able to see every page of the book exactly as it appears in print: in fact, you will be seeing the very file from which the book is printed. Then, if you like the book and think a printed copy would be just the thing to give your Aunt Eleanor for Christmas, or a valuable addition to your bathroom furnishings, you can go ahead and buy it.

This is what we call a marketing experiment.

Download or view the PDF file here; then buy the book here.

Here is a list of the authors represented—some familiar, some (we hope) unfamiliar and waiting for you to discover them:

An Ojibwe Myth
Benjamin Franklin
Francis Hopkinson
Hugh Henry Brackenridge
Washington Irving
James K. Paulding
Major Jack Downing
James Fenimore Cooper
Fanny Fern
James Russell Lowell
Oliver Wendell Holmes
John Phoenix
Orpheus C. Kerr
Artemus Ward
Abraham Lincoln
Josh Billings
Mark Twain
Julia A. Moore
Max Adeler
Will W. Clark
Bill Nye
Eugene Field
Ben King
Robert J. Burdette
George Ade
Billy Baxter
Wallace Irwin
Franklin Pierce Adams
Gelett Burgess
Carolyn Wells
Elbert Hubbard
Bert Leston Taylor
Heywood Broun
Dorothy Parker
Robert Benchley
Ring Lardner

Some of these writers will be making guest appearances here in the coming weeks.