By Guest Contributor Ben King.


Oh, love! let us love with a love that loves,
    Loving on with a love forever;
For a love that loves not the love it should love—
    I wot such a love will sever.
But, when two loves love this lovable love,
    Love loves with a love that is best;
And this love-loving, lovable, love-lasting love
    Loves on in pure love’s loveliness.

Oh, chide not the love when its lovey-love loves
    With lovable, loving caresses;
For one feels that the lovingest love love can love,
    Love on in love’s own lovelinesses.
And love, when it does love, in secret should love—
    ’Tis there where love most is admired;
But the two lovey-loves that don’t care where they love
    Make the public most mightily tired.


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