On this day in 1773, the Sons of Liberty dumped a shipload of tea into Boston Harbor, making a resounding protest against “taxation without representation” that has become known as the Boston Tea Party. The name “tea party” has since been adopted by a movement protesting taxation with representation, which just goes to show you something or other, but Dr. Boli has no idea what.


  1. Interestingly enough, the Tea Party tends to be vehemently against statehood for the District of Columbia, which DOES face some taxation without the accompanying representation, on the theory that any members of Congress which D.C. is likely to elect will tend to be Democrats. Insert your own “So that’s why Tea Party candidates tend to seem as transparently evil as Marvel Comics supervillans” joke here, I guess.

    Personally, I think they should just merge DC back into Maryland and be done with it.

    • Dr. Boli says:

      When the District of Columbia adopted “Taxation Without Representation” as its license-plate slogan, cleanup crews in Fairfax County (Virginia) spent weeks collecting the shrapnel from rich suburbanites’ heads exploding.

      But did you not miss an opportunity for some sort of joke about DC Comics? And if Tea Party candidates are to be cast as supervillains, should we not supply them with some sort of tragic origin story involving spurned love and a vat of acid?

      • Comparing the Tea Partiers with Marvel villains WAS the DC comics joke, the obvious corollary of Liberal Democrats being DC supervillains being left as an exercise for the reader.

        Ironically, one of the most iconic DC supervillains, Lex Luthor, is practically the stereotypical Tea Party adherent, being a rich, white corporate CEO involved in the Military-Industrial complex who wants to rid the country of (one particular) undocumented Alien.

        • RepubAnon says:

          I never could undeerstand these supervillians. They keep inventing superweapons… but they don’t try for government contracts. If the Legion of Doom incorporated and began landing large Pentagon contracts, they could buy up a few media companies, put out Fox-style stories about vigilantes threatening us all, then buy enough Congresscritters to get legislation passed outlawing superhero activities…

          • Captain DaFt says:

            Well, that’s the difference between Comic book super villains and real life ones.
            It’s a pain in the ass running the world; it’s much easier to pay off governments to run it for you, and pass laws making your activities legal, while living the Evil life.

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