Our friend Father Pitt, having heard that the Wikimedia Commons challenge of the month was simply black and white photography, immediately walked three steps out his back door and took the very artistic photograph above, and then submitted it to the challenge. The question is this: Is it a work of photographic art that cleverly explores line and texture in composition and discovers the beauty in the mundane, or is it a sly parody of the black-and-white art photographs of inconsequential objects that always infest photography contests? Or is it both at the same time?


  1. rafinlay says:

    It depends on whether or not it wins anything.

  2. Jason Gilbert says:

    It’s a nice photo: well composed with good texture, contrast, and range. The subject-matter is resonant–if all the complaining this winter from my friends in the eastern U.S. is any indication. The photographer’s intent is irrelevant. As irrelevant as a Wikimedia Commons challenge.

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