From The Booklovers Magazine, 1904.

Dr. Boli thinks this is a very funny picture. More specifically, he thinks that there is more humor in the position of the cardinal’s one red slipper than you will find in the entire comics page of today’s newspaper, assuming you can see the comics in today’s newspaper without an electron microscope. It seems that M. Vibert specialized in poking fun at overstuffed ecclesiastics.

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  1. Captain DaFt says:

    Let me guess: They had a quarrel over who’s turn it was to wear the pirate hat?

  2. Edward Giarusso says:

    This painting may have been owned by John Duff (who collected Vibert) of Boston who was involved with the Union Pacific Rail Road and was during the 1870’s one of the richest men in America. See his Obit in the NYT for c.1891

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