…that 73% of the budget of the Port Authority of Allegheny County is spent on paper transfer slips?

…that cats have the power to bring about world peace, but refuse to exercise it until the bipeds address a numbered list of complaints having mostly to do with tuna access?

…that no one ever saw the left side of the Most Rev. Leonard Neale, Archbishop of Baltimore?

…that Antonin Dvorak could speak Spanish with a perfect Castilian accent, but only when no one was listening?

…that two-strip Technicolor had to be abandoned when the color yellow was invented in 1933?

…that the “Hungarian Rag” was banned in the Austro-Hungarian Empire until its collapse in 1918?

…that recently hacked secret emails from the Marylebone Cricket Club revealed that players have been making up the rules of cricket as they go along since 1787?