Alexander. Greek, Megalomaniac. (Curiously, the relatively rare name “Megalomaniac” is Greek for Alexander.)

Ava. Latin: in Roman mythology, the goddess of palindromes.

Edward. Old English, Man Who Prefers to Be Known as “Ted,” but Is Not Named “Theodore.”

Isabella. Italian, She Is a Belle.

Marie. French, Too Refined for “Mary.”

Mason. Old High German, Man Who Cans His Own Vegetables.

Michael. Hebrew, God Will Kill You.

Mildred. Gothic, Woman Who Fears Mills.

Noah. Hebrew, He Who Guzzles the Red Stuff Like Nobody’s Business but Still Can Hammer Together a Decent Boat. (Hebrew is a very compact language.)

Polly. Cockney, Woman Whose Real Name Is “Margaret.”

Sophia. Greek, Capital of Bulgaria.

Zachary. Hebrew, What, You Can’t Pronounce “Zachariah” Like a Normal Person?