There are ten hereditary monarchies in Europe today, even though no one has yet succeeded in finding a use for hereditary monarchs.

When Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the peak of Everest in 1953, they found a program for the 1967 International and Universal Exposition in Montreal sitting on a rock with a hand-painted sign beside it saying “TAKE ONE.”

Scientists observing the New Guinea crow in 2013 discovered that the species has evolved the ability to order a pizza through GrubHub.

The North Pole is actually Lithuanian.

Astronauts in the Gemini 7 space mission reported hearing tapping on the outer shell of the capsule, apparently spelling out a message in Morse code. The message was transcribed by astronaut James A. Lovell, Jr., as “BORMAN IS A WEENIE.” Not until 1996 were details of the incident quietly released by NASA.




  1. markm says:

    There is at least one use for hereditary monarchs – Queen Victoria used most of the royal families in Europe for an experiment in the genetic transmission of Hemophilia B.

  2. The Bolsheviks found them quite useful in training the members of their firing squads in marksmanship skills. The English and French used them in a similar role, training their axecutioners and/or guillotine technicians.

  3. markm says:

    Martin, from the accounts I recall, you’re giving the Bolsheviks too much credit. They couldn’t organize a firing squad. The Tsar and family (including their doctor and his daughter) were butchered with bayonets and rifle butts. Then a committee was appointed to drive way out in the boondocks and dispose of the bodies; they managed to misplace two bodies along the way. OTOH, it could be said that they overperformed their task of hiding the bodies; the main burial site has been found (confirmed by DNA comparisons to a British royal cousin), but those two bodies are missing forever.

    The two missing bodies were the heir and one of the royal daughters. I sometimes wonder whether that inspired the Anastasia legend – there’s no chance the hemophiliac boy wouldn’t have bled out even if the execution was blotched, but a tiny chance that the missing female revived and escaped.

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