You, of course, would never be the sort to play silly pranks on harried editors. But if you were that sort, you might try sending an email to the editor at Penguin Random House who is responsible for the backlist:


I found a very embarrassing error in your edition of Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. It is on page 267. I will not repeat it, but it will be obvious the moment you see it.

You would—hypothetically, if you were the sort to play silly pranks on harried editors—send that off and never respond to any messages sent in reply.



  1. Page 267? Finnegans Wake has page numbers?

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  2. Mike Bizzaro says:

    Albertus – partly do your commentary … I added short (4 to 5 word) descriptions of Sections (10 or so) which follow the new red text descriptions … on the Index of my site > > http://www.Gods-Catholic-Dogma.com.

    You were right … the Index was a little horizontal … so thanks.

    By the way … in your critique … you never mentioned *where* you disagree with the Catholic Dogma I’m simply forwarding (you see all the references I supply on the site).

    If you can identify specifically … where you disagree with the Dogma and why (and e-mail me) … it would be a step out of your current state of heresy, a state where you cannot get to Heaven.

    There are two Formal Abjurations of heresy on Section 19.1 of the site … the second one applies to the state you are currently in … if you would rather not bother informing me of the Dogma you are currently rejecting (to the loss of your immortal soul).

    I Abjured all my of anti-Christ heresy before two witnesses in November 2009.

    Some years ago, I was like you … glossing over these matters, until I realized I was headed for Hell.

  3. Mike Bizzaro says:

    Albertus –

    Regarding the strategy of listing all topics on the top level Index.

    What is the point of burying five levels down … the Catholic Dogma on Water Baptism (for example) … Dogma which must be known and believed to get to Heaven.

    Who sees Dogma buried five levels below the Index … no one.

    Who even knows that the Sources of Dogma are there, buried five levels down … no one.

    Apparently the comprehensive top level Index is working … people click on section, after section, after section … they are all right there easy to see.

    And … at an average of … over 4,000 page views per month over the last year … it seems like the way to go.

    For example … over the last three years there have been 617 hits on the Abjuration of heresy section (Section 19.1) … over 17 per month. Abjuration defines how to enter Christianity (the Catholic Church which has no properties in these times) … after falling into a heretic state against any Catholic Dogma after Baptism.

    These are people cooperating with … what is called actual grace … I’m sure you know the type.

    If I had the Abjuration buried a few levels below the Index page … there would not be nearly as many hits on a very important section.

  4. On Finegan’s Wake… The edition in my parent’s house had a note: incorporating all of the author’s corrections. So, I think you’re not the first fellow to discover this game.

  5. Sean says:

    The error in Penguin’s copy of Finnegan’s Wake is that it was published at all.

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