IN SPORTS NEWS, the Oakland Athletics lost to the Fort Wayne Pale Flabby Couch Potatoes, 7-2.


  1. Joseph Moore says:


    Dare we hope for more?

  2. Eddie says:


  3. John Salmon says:

    I had begun to fear that the estimable Dr. Boli, who long ago gave new meaning to the term “super-annuated”, had perhaps shuffled off this mortal coil.

    Good news: he lives, and the advancing years-make that centuries-have not stilled his acerbic wit. What’s more Sir Berners-Lee’s invention remains of some use.

  4. Martin The Mess says:

    I just popped in to find a favorite older article of yours to post on Twitter as it answered a question someone had asked and was astonished to find that you’d resumed publishing your celebrated magazine at last! I hope you can keep up the flow of new material for many months and years to come!

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