The enmity between dogs and computers is legendary (surpassed, perhaps, only by the enmity between cats and computers). Researchers at the Boli Institute have catalogued eight different ways a dog can unplug a computer charger from a power strip, all of which were observed in the space of one morning:

1. Leap up in a fit of barkolepsy and kick the charger all the way across the room.

2. Catch the cord and yank the charger out of the surge strip.

3. Catch the cord and yank the surge strip out of the wall.

4. Catch the cord and yank the charger cord out of the computer.

5. Turn off the switch on the power strip.

6. Get so tied up in the cord that the master has to unplug the computer himself to untie the knot.

7. Walk over to the power strip and simply bat the charger out of the outlet with one paw.

8. Stare very hard at the power strip and cause the charger to fall out of the outlet by telekinesis.


  1. RepubAnon says:

    Cats are jealous of keyboards. They think their primate staff (humans) are petting the keyboard rather than putting their hands to better use by petting the cat, or opening cat food cans…

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