Update: Father Pitt can now be found at fatherpitt.com. The rest of this article is kept for purely historical reasons, since every word printed in this Magazine is of inestimable value.

Our old friend Father Pitt, whose ultimate ambition is to let nothing in Pittsburgh escape his camera, has been experimenting with a simpler site designed to load very quickly and, more importantly, not to bog down your browser with advertising, the way his old site has been doing more and more as a certain blogging service scrambles for more and more pennies. Since he has been experimenting for a few months, and has filled the very auspicious number of thirteen pages with new photographs, he asked Dr. Boli to make an official announcement that, for the moment, he is publishing at a new location:

Father Pitt’s New Location

The newer site is hosted on a free server, so there is always the chance that Old Pa Pitt’s host could yank the rug out from under him, so to speak, leading to a very comical but very annoying silent-movie pratfall. For now, however, this is where Father Pitt will be.