Here is an amusing little puzzle. Before following the link to the Web site, can you guess what profession these people practice from the introductory text on the home page?

“As you can see, fragments are the key to our website. Projects, visual alphabets and different disciplines are freely mixed together, in order to provide an impression of emotions, rather than an archive of projects. Our oeuvre is a continuous combination of parts, and its overall image is the very subject of our work. For this reason, we present individual projects as fixed fragments in a mobile system. They are the tangible and partial materials of an abstract flux of ideas.

“The projects are the linguistic components of an ongoing puzzle that is never completed. The sense lies in the progressive utopian hypothesis of reaching an impossible synthesis; sense lies in this expanded, centrifugal movement that has no end. The message of our work lies in this atmospheric dust, this polyphonic rhythm. A throng of figures full of contrasts.”

Now here is the link, and you may go to the Web site and see whether you can guess it from there.