Suppose your name is Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt Ritchie. Think of all the possibilities for authorial pseudonyms you have ready to hand:

Anna Ritchie

Ogden Mowatt

Anna Ritchie Ogden

Anna-Cora Mowatt

Cora Ogden Ritchie

Ritchie Ogden

Cora Ritchie Mowatt

A. C. Ogden

C. Ogden Ritchie

Ritchie Ogden Mowatt

Instead, she publishes an epic, and the title page says “By Isabel.”


  1. You do have a point, there.. But, to be fair, she was only 17 when she used “Isobel” and she only used it twice. She usually published as “Anna Cora Mowatt” or then as “Anna Cora Ritchie” after she re-married. But on the other hand, I think “Anna” was always just for show. She was actually called “Cora Ogden” before she married; her nickname was “Lily,” and she published a couple novels under the pseudonym “Helen Berkeley” (who knows where that got pulled from). I guess she had a name-hoarding thing going on…You know, like Pokemon – Collect them all!

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