No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, recited into a Dictaphone, applied as a wallpaper pattern, etched in pewter, translated into Latin hexameters, spelled out in cupcakes, mumbled in a monotone under your breath, scrawled on the side of a goat, tapped out in Morse code in your lonely cell in solitary confinement, or skywritten without a note from your mother.


  1. Colin says:

    Finally, a chance for me to break out my naval semaphore flags!

    For that matter, I also see no restriction on the use of charades…

  2. Simpleton says:

    I have but one thought:
    What if my mother is dead?
    Am I out of luck?

  3. Richard A says:

    So, persons named in this publication can be named as an intention at Mass. And events described may be used as cautionary examples in sermons. Glad to know.

  4. Martin The Mess says:

    I’d advise you to put a good lawyer on retainer for all the suits you will soon be filing against the makers of Alphabet Soup for all the many excerpts from your work that will spontaneously form every time their products are used as directed.

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