Dr. Boli is in the habit of leaving no stone unturned when there is information to be sought. Most of the time he finds potato bugs, but now and then he does stumble across the thing he was looking for. In this case, he has found a German translation of the book Regnum Congo, Hoc est Vera descriptio regni Africani, quod tam ab incolis quam Lusitanis Congus appellatur (The Kingdom of Congo; that is, a True Description of the African Kingdom, Which by the Natives as Well as by the Portuguese is Called Congo), from which he took the de Bry brothers’ illustration of a Zebra two days ago. The German translation uses the same cuts, and the owner did in fact have them hand-colored. Unfortunately the text that described the Zebra was in the vernacular language of the colorist, so he was able to follow the description explicitly. Still, the result, you will certainly agree, is striking.