George Washington was, in the most literal sense, a giant among men. But only one book tells the whole truth about Washington the human being:

How his mastery of the art of the dispatch made winning actual battles superfluous.

How he captured Trenton with the power of money alone.

How he defeated Cornwallis even without the use of giant floating platforms and ships on rollers.

How he was bedeviled all his life by the sinister machinations of malevolent invisible animals.

This is the story of George Washington as it could be told only by one of his closest friends. You will never think of the Father of His Country the same way again, unless you already thought of him as a twenty-foot man pursued by an invisible mule named Irving.

Dr. Boli promised this book earlier in the year, and now here it is. You can read the first chapter on this site. Then you will doubtless wish to buy the book, which is waiting to wing its way toward you at the speed of diesel-powered vehicle, or even faster if you prefer the ebook version.