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Arts and Culture

The City of Pawtucket has been supportive of the Arts Community since 1975. On September 2, 1977, The Beach Boys performed a concert at Narragansett Park attended by 40,000 people, the largest concert audience in Rhode Island history. In 2017, music historians Al Gomes and Connie Watrous of Big Noise were successful in getting the street where the concert stage stood (the corner of 455 Narragansett Park Drive) officially renamed as “Beach Boys Way”

You may search the whole article on Pawtucket, but you will not find the answer to the one question that is now burning a hole in your brain: What happened in 1975?


  1. What happened in 1975? The movie JAWS was released. Obviously, the city fathers of Pawtucket wanted this documentary about sharks attacking the rival coastal town of Amity Island, NY promoted widely, so potential tourists would instead flock to the shark-free beaches of Pawtucket!

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