Annual Christmas Number.

Little Drummer Boy. Connoisseurs of Christmas novelty songs insist that “The Carol of the Drum,” otherwise known as “The Little Drummer Boy,” was much funnier in the original Lancashire dialect.

Nativity scenes. Inexplicably, 83% of the Nativity sets manufactured within the past twelve months have turned out to include a pangolin, in spite of the manufacturers’ best efforts at quality control.

White House. The much-lauded White House Christmas decorations for 2020 include a giant inflatable coronavirus wearing a Santa hat.

Puritans. Although the Puritans officially outlawed celebrations of Christmas, an underground fruitcake industry prospered in seventeenth-century Boston.

Christmas Colors. For this year’s Christmas red and green, the Web Color Consortium has picked FireBrick (#B22222) and MediumSeaGreen (#3CB371).