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    For a case study from a successful alumni, visit:
    BOFH: 7 jars of Marmite, a laptop and a good time

    “Yep. That’s the one. Now you want to turn your mouse upside down and with your thumb over the LED try and move the mouse pointer around the spiral to the centre and then back out from the centre to the edge while keeping inside the lines of the spiral. I think you have to do it 10 or 20 times, but you’ll get verbal instructions through your headphones once you click on the start icon.”

    “Why am I doing this?”

    “The infrared LED in the mouse is tracking the blood flow in your finger in the same way an oximeter does, and the spiral movement makes sure the infrared gets a holistic measurement of the blood supply in your thumb.”

    “I see. And how long do I do it for?”

    “10 or 20 times – I can’t remember – but the instructions will tell you. You’ll need to end this call though. ”

    “OK! >click<," the Boss says.

    I wait patiently and about 15 minutes while the Boss is no doubt listening to the "instructions" that are telling him how sleepy he is and how restful the spiral is and that he's feeling totally relaxed…

    Shortly after the 15 minutes are up, the Boss is on our daily departmental videoconference call. There's a bit of silence as people wait for him to start the meeting – or maybe they're just wondering why he's completely naked and smeared in Marmite.

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