Bozar the Clown has been arrested again, this time charged with vandalism in eight different local retail establishments. According to a police statement, Mr. Bozar has been on what victims described as a “spree” with a permanent marker, correcting backwards apostrophes at the beginnings of words in retail packaging and signage. In the statement distributed to the press, Mr. Bozar is quoted as having said that it was time for the literate people of the world to show a little of the spirit of ’76. (The apostrophe in the police statement was originally an opening single quotation mark, but has been corrected with a permanent marker.)


  1. Maypo says:

    I hope that Bozar expands his efforts to correct podcasters, YouTube influencers, radio commentators who continually misname the “slash” or “forward-slash” as a “back-slash”when reading web URLs. Very little is more annoying to the pedant.

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