On July 21, 2021, the enemies of civilization sent their robot armies to attack the server that hosted, the hub of Dr. Boli’s celebrated publishing empire. An army of technicians rushed to the site of the breach, but it was not easy to find where the robots had got into the server. It was not easy to find the server at all, in fact.

The site had been hosted for years by a small local hosting company, but that company had long since got out of the Web-hosting business, as a result of having found a much more lucrative niche for its services in the lawn-care industry. In fact was the very last site it hosted, on a ten-year-old server whose very existence everyone had forgotten.

Scouts with machetes finally removed the encroaching jungle and found the server, paralyzed by the robot attack. A detachment of technicians defeated the robots, retrieved fourteen years’ worth of data, and left a “Please Stand By” notice on the server, but it was clear that a more modern host would have to be found.

We have therefore spent the past week rebuilding the site on a newer server, one less encumbered by vines. We believe the newer technology will allow us to offer more services to our readers, although if you came here looking for anything other than something to read you are probably in the wrong place.