Divan (noun).—Having to do with a diva (q. v.).


  1. Big Brother says:

    The recent return of the Random Autobolificator enabled me to discover that you’ve used this picture before. Although I suppose even one as old and wise as the good Doctor himself can’t be expected to remember every joke he’s told for the past seven or eight years.

    • Dr. Boli says:

      In fact the only place Dr. Boli could find that picture was in the feature you discovered by accident. It was indeed in his memory: he could think of no other illustration that would convey the idea of the definition so accurately. But his memory was not quite up to the task of recalling where he had found the picture in the first place. The more recent version, therefore, is the same picture with the caption cut out. In seven more years or so, you may see it again in another context.

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