We recently received this message from one of our correspondents.

I have dirt on you.

Now I know everything.

Can you imagine what will happen when everyone finds out about your act?

The price of my silence is 0.21 BTC, transfer them to me by August 26 to this bitcoin wallet [REDACTED] otherwise I’ll tell everyone.

And then you will feel very bad.

Time has passed.

Now, Dr. Boli has some advice for this correspondent. This message is probably slightly more effective as an email than as a comment left on a random article on a Web site. In the latter case, the price of your silence is not 0.21 BTC; rather, a few lines of code buy your silence. They send your message straight to the spam folder, where it would never have been seen if Dr. Boli were not in the habit of examining that folder every once in a while to see whether there is something particularly amusing in it.

Also, to which act are you referring? If it is the one with the spinning plates, Dr. Boli has not performed that one in public for some time, but he still amuses the servants with it. Doubtless what would happen if everyone found out about that act would be that Dr. Boli would receive more employment applications for positions among the servants, but he has a servant who deals with those applications, so it would not inconvenience him very much.