The server that hosts Dr. Boli’s Eclectic Library and its subsites has been down for a couple of days. The technicians, we are told, are hard at work restoring the sites it hosted. Nevertheless, Dr. Boli took this as an opportunity to duplicate the same site at an alternate address. He chose Neocities, an organization that has succeeded in continuing the ancient Geocities tradition of personal homepages that function as showcases for the appalling taste of anyone with more HTML skill than aesthetic sense. Neocities was probably the only Web community in the world that mourned the extinction of the HTML <blink> tag.

Here, therefore, is the new home of the Eclectic Library:

An Eclectic Library

This will give the Eclectic Library a secure connection (so that the forces of evil will have to work a bit to follow you there) and a server that is probably more stable, although Dr. Boli hastens to add that the service from X10 Hosting has been first-rate for the most part and worth every penny of the nothing it cost. We also took this opportunity to streamline the style sheet, so that the entire look of the site is now controlled by half a kilobyte of CSS.

Once the old server is back on line, the Library site will be available there as well, and it will continue to be updated there for the near future. Dr. Boli hates to break his readers’ bookmarks and links. But the new address will be the default address from now on.

In honor of the new address, we have introduced a new feature that will thrill the five or six readers who are interested in this sort of thing. Long-time readers may recall that the whole Library began with one page of the Church Fathers in the famous Schaff editions. Since then, the collection of early Christian writers has grown haphazardly until the organization was very unwieldy. A new alphabetical arrangement has therefore been introduced, which should make it easy to find both the famous and the obscure among the Fathers (and Mothers and assorted heretics) of early Christianity.

Church Fathers by Alphabet

Most of our readers will shrug and go back to Facebook. Five or six of them, however, have just realized that they have lost all hope of productive work for the coming week.