Police have issued a warning for the community to be on the lookout for that guy who looks a lot like Van Johnson if you see him in the right light. Police did not specify why the man was wanted, but Officer Baranauskas told your Community Bulletin Board, “He knows what he did.”

The Ladies’ Quilt, Throw, and Afghan Society will be holding a “crochet-in” this Saturday beginning at 8:30 in the morning. We are hoping to be able to crochet at least a dozen afghans to give away to refugees from Afghanistan. We are told that last month’s similar event made the refugees from Quiltistan very happy.

The Port Authority has asked us to inform residents that, owing to scheduled maintenance, Red Line cars will be running on the Brown Line, Blue Line cars will be running on the Silver Line, Brown Line cars will be running on the Blue Line, and Silver Line cars will be running in the parking lot of the Food Festival as part of a federally funded installation-art project.

To raise funds for restoring the vacant building at 1328 Bland Street, the Blandville Area Concerned Citizens will be holding a raffle Thursday night at 7 p.m. The lucky winner walks home with the deed to the building at 1328 Bland Street.

Blandville Elementary School has asked the community to stop donating box tops for education. After consulting with the prestigious Materials Department of the Duck Hollow University College of Education, the principal has determined that box tops are of no educational value whatsoever.