While looking for something else, Dr. Boli ran across the Web site of a company called SMA. From the page he was viewing, he could not guess what SMA did, so he clicked on the “About Us” page.

For nearly 40 years, SMA has always sought out uniquely talented and highly motivated individuals to become associates. Our associates are a group of smart, passionate professionals unified by purpose and community. Our purpose is simple: to create value by helping clients improve their competitiveness throughout the program lifecycle, from pursuing markets in innovative and differentiated ways, through winning programs and creating competitive capacity, to improving program performance with disciplined cost/schedule management, and reducing execution risk by enhancing program team capability with high caliber, hard to find management and technical expertise.

Dr. Boli has still not guessed what SMA does. It must be a secret.

What led him to that site? Oh, it was our discussion about Microsoft Word. Dr. Boli wanted to see what settings various writers used to improve the grammar and style suggestions from Microsoft Word. “Word’s option to check style is a useful tool to helping you write in a compelling, consistent style,” says the advice from one of SMA’s uniquely talented and highly motivated associates. “You should check all of the options under Grammar.… You can check all of the options under Style except Use of first person.”

And behold the results.