Just in! Latest comics, graphic novels. Captain Pleonasm issue 861: Captain Pleonasm and the Invasion of the William Strunk Clones, $1.25. Backstory Man vs. That Guy Who Used to Stalk His Sister Back Before He Had His Glider Accident and Lost Three Years of His Memory, 79¢. Finnegans Wake: The Graphic Novel, $119.96. Blondie and Dagwood: The Darker Reboot, first issue, $8.95. Uniform Commercial Code with illustrations by Scott Adams, $17.50. Hurry while supplies last. Mitch’s Archive of Classic World Literature, Brentwood.


  1. John Salmon says:

    Dagwood (Nick Nolte) Out and Proud. Blondie, played by Blondie, hsving fling with hunky milkman. Daisy, played by Asta/Mr.Smith/George, now gone woke, refusing her meat-based meals, marching against Speciesism, Theme by Danny Elfman.

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