Write for a complete CATALOGUE of the remarkable collection of OLD MASTER FACTORY SECONDS AND REJECTS to be sold by Messrs. J.-P. De Range & Co. Among the most notable pictures:

Master of the Monessen Magdalen: St. George and the Newt. But for the proportions, this is a very stirring depiction of the legend of St. George in the manner of Bellini on a bit of a bender.

Henri Le Jaune: Nativity. Charming rendition in which the figures are suffused in a holy light that seems to radiate from a camel standing slightly to the left of the Christ child.

Bartolomeo d’Abruzzi, known as “Il Disorientato”: Conquest of Mexico by Julius Caesar. Fairly large historical canvas (6 ft. 3 in. high, 48 ft. wide) depicts Caesar’s victorious army pursuing the retreating forces of Montezuma.

Girolamo Girolameo: Portrait of a Young Man with a Book in His Hand and an Apple in His Other Hand and His Other Hand Holding the Reins of His Horse. Girolamo was much praised in his time for his use of burnt sienna, of which he obtained an inexhaustible supply after the sack of Sienna in 1494.

Ruprecht Teufelshosen: The Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt on a DC-3. The metallic surface is rendered with great accuracy, making this one of Teufelshosen’s more successful pictures.