Annual Last-Minute Sale

Our shelves are a little picked over this year. But you can still have your choice of these splendid gifts to show your loved ones you cared enough to shop at Ampersand Sons.

Commemorative Spoons. Engraved with logo and the words “Pittsburgh G-20 Summit 2008.” The summit happened in 2009, so these slightly erroneous spoons have never been used.

Belt Buckles with Western steer skull. Not an engraving, but an actual skull! Hardly practical for everyday wear, but certainly unusual. No one else will be wearing one.

Instructional VHS Cassettes. Learn Estonian, bricklaying, three different styles of macramé, videocassette-recorder repair, and many other things too numerous to mention because there’s no way we’re going to paw through this whole crate.

Packing Peanuts. Several brands and varieties. Start a collection!

Tonight, 11:59 to midnight. Ampersand Sons Department Store.