Third Series.

Architecture.—According to Herodotus, it was the Egyptians who first discovered the principle that almost indefinitely large stones can be lifted into place easily if you make somebody else do it.


  1. The Shadow says:

    Can God make a stone too heavy for Him to have others lift?

    • Dr. Boli says:

      A god-king like Pharaoh can have a lot of fun removing the heads of minions who fail to lift stones. An actual omnipotent God would be in control of the rules of logic as well as the material world, so the question can be answered any way you like, preferably in a long and learned Latin treatise (“An Deus lapidem creare potest quam alii, Deo imperante, levare non possunt?” Folio, 694 pages, with engravings).

  2. tom says:

    It’s rude to show off in front of people who only have American-talk, and anyway just come for the pictures.

  3. John Salmon says:

    Thinking of the back of the dollar bill, the whole thing seems awfully Jungian.

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